Why in Crete

Being the southern Island of Europe and having a perfect climate, Crete is a very popular place to visit or live. Crete is a big Island and you never feel you know it all! You always find a new mountain, town, village not to mention all the beaches.

The whole Island is spiced with the ever surprising friendliness of the Cretans. The Cretans seem to have a nice relaxed living speed and in a natural way you will adapt into this stress free life style.

Chania is famous for being the greenest part of Crete therefore it offers a huge amount of different vegetation of fruit trees, vegetables, plants, wild herbs and flowers which all send a fantastic scent in the air all in different seasons.

The variety of crops is due to the different climates available on the Island. Some of the products growing in the very fertile Cretan soil are: Olive, Citrus Fruits, figs, grapes, advocate, apricot, watermelon, bananas.

Roadside herb picking is still practiced today, adding to that the natural fauna makes Crete a vivid feast for the senses.