About Us

Mr. Kostas Kyriakou

The architect engineer Mr. Kostas Kyriakou has graduated the Architecture School of Venice. He has been working for 25 years in western Crete, signing some of the most beautiful and functional constructions of houses, villas, hotels, apartment buildings, squares and restorations of traditional buildings.

Mr. Nikolas lazaris

The contractor-manufacturer Nikolas Lazaris is activated in the building sector for 22 years, having gained great experience in any kind of construction. He also has great knowledge in material implementation and promises the best quality, the long life of constructions, raising thus their value. Being friend with the architect Kyriakou Kosta for several years, they have excellent cooperation and perfect result.

All workers in construction have been chosen one by one and they have great experience in the building construction sector.Our company employs all the necessary machinery and tools needed, ensuring quick completion and perfect result.

Mr.Theo Lazaris

Theo Lazaris, the youngest member of the group, has graduated the construction projects school and he is an expert user of computers, autocad and 3D design. He has the ability to present you the building which is in construction as it will be in its final form.